Mortgage Financing

There are now a growing number of financial institutions in Ghana and overseas which have available mortgage finance schemes for Residents and Non-residents Ghanaians that you may wish to explore.

We actively cooperate with such institutions and where necessary and without any liability, we will use our good offices as far as practicable to monitor the processing of your application for a facility from any of these institutions to buy your dream house from us.

When applying to any of them for a mortgage facility, you need to take our offer letter to them and fill out their application form. Subject to meeting their requirements, you will be issued a facility letter confirming their agreement to provide you a mortgage financing.

We will make allocation of such time when all pre-condition set by the mortgage finance institution have been met by you and you have executed our sales agreement.

Applicants will be required to make a minimum deposit of 20% of the total cost of the house in addition to meeting the mortgage institution's requirements for the granting of the facility. We deal with mortgage institutions like:


Ghana Home Loans ("GHL") is a mortgage finance institution which operates under Bank of Ghana supervision as a non-bank financial institution. At present, the Company remains the only such institution that focuses exclusively on the provision of mortgage product.

Their key objective is to leverage information technology and modern mortgage finance techniques to consistently provide their clients with competitively priced long term mortgage finance to facilitate home ownership.


HFC Bank has a wide range of mortgages to suit different needs, whether you want to buy a home, build your own home, or make improvements on an existing home.

Getting the right mortgage loan is first becoming an important part of buying a property in Ghana. At HFC Bank they offer competitive home loan as well as offer the best advisory services in home ownership.

At HFC Bank they have the right mortgage product to suit your personal income and credit profile.


These include banks, insurance companies and other non-bank financial institutions.

Terms and Conditions:


House owners are expected to expand only within the perimeter of their properties so as not to cause damage to anyone's property or fence wall. A formal letter should be written to the company stating reasons for the expansion and the company will advise accordingly.

Color of emulsion or acrylic paints on building should not be changed by buyers unless a mutual understanding is reached between the client and the company.

Under no circumstance should any part of the wall be broken for commercial purposes (e.g. provision kiosk, containers, drinking bar, etc)


Upon completion, Koans Estates will send a final invoice to you along with a Statement of Account which will indicate the amount of final payment.

The final invoice will include the total cost of house and documentation fee (cost of preparation of title of deed, site plan and other relevant documents covering the ownership of the property).

Keys will be released only when the outstanding balances have been paid in full and all documents have been executed.

Certain charges such as Electricity Meter Fee and Water Connection fees are not included in the final invoice. You will make your own arrangements.

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